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Service: Leistungen

Our services include jewelry repairs of all kinds. These include ring size changes, mounting cultured pearl and stone chains, replacing cultured pearls, lengthening cultured pearl chains and refurbishing your jewelry.
We replace lost gemstones and insert them into the existing setting of your piece of jewelry. Our large selection of loose colored stones includes rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opals, aquamarines, tanzanites and many other gemstones.
Engravings and stone engravings, for example coats of arms or monograms, immediate replacement of your watch battery and ear piercing in a gentle way are also part of our range of services.

Ear piercing

Zur Zeit stechen wir leider keine Ohrringe
Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis


Easy to use:
The instrument lies perfectly
in hand and can
easy to use.

Top quality: Studex
Products pass through you
strictly monitored
Quality process and meet
or exceed both those
EU directives (nickel
regulation) as well as the
American FDA
Guidelines (US Food & Drug

Sterile and hygienic: through
the use of sterile, individually
packaged disposable cartridges
touch at
Lancing process neither the
Stud earrings
Clasp. The device too
himself does not come with directly
in contact with the ear.

The closures of the first studs
during the lancing process
automatically in the correct
Position attached so that
they let air into the ear hole
and the healing process

STUDEX System75 is particularly gentle,
gentle on the tissue and hardly noticeable.
The use of the system is almost
noiseless and therefore also ideal for
Suitable for children.

Thanks to the clearly visible
The plug tip will be the
Precise and pierced ears

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