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In their size and perfection, South Sea pearls are unique gifts from nature from the warm oceans of our southern hemisphere.
Most precious are the South Sea pearls that grow off the northern coastal regions of Australia in the huge silver-lipped oyster "Pinctada maxima". Australia, the leading country in the South Seas cultured pearls, protects its valuable natural resources by limiting wild oyster catches.
The magnificent South Sea pearls shimmer in a warm color palette from champagne to all yellows to warm gold tones, or shine in white, elegant silver tones and cool blue-gray. Because of their beauty, size and preciousness, the South Sea pearls are rightly considered the queens of pearls.



Akoya pearls are classically stylish and underline the personality and elegance of their wearer. The quiet beauty of the Akoya pearl has delighted all women for generations, making them coveted pieces of jewelry.
The pearl takes its name from the relatively small Akoya oyster, which is native to the east coast of the southern Japanese islands.
Akoya pearls are harvested at the end of winter, when the cold water has slowed down the production of mother-of-pearl in the oyster and the layers of mother-of-pearl that have built up are finest and densest. In this way the light is captured and the magical chandelier of the Akoya shines and shimmers incomparably brightly in the light.
The Akoya pearl is grown in sizes of 2-10 mm. In exceptional cases it can also reach a size of over 10 mm, which is then particularly rare and valuable.



Tahitian cultured pearls shine in the spectral colors of a dark, tropical rainbow. It is the magical colors of exotic South Sea beauties that touch and seduce us sensually. Aubergine, brown, copper, black, dark gray, dove gray and sparkling silver tones or violet are their intense tones, in addition there are exaggerated nuances in rose or iridescent green with a silky sheen.
Nowhere else in the world can deep black pearls be grown, except in the waters around Tahiti.

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