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Edelsteine: Unsere Produkte

Gemstone jewelry





Colored stones have enjoyed great popularity for centuries because they convey classic, timeless elegance. Whether rubies, sapphires or emeralds - as a ring, pendant, bracelet or necklace in gold, with or without diamonds, processed - we always show our customers a large selection. The various cuts of our colored stones such as cabochon, brisole, navette, pear-shaped cut or baguette ship make every piece of jewelery a unique creation.
We also carry jewelry with tanzanite, aquamarine, blue topaz, citrine, tourmaline, opal, amethyst and many other stones.
Look forward to our wonderful colored stone creations.



Stone chains have been enjoying great popularity again for several years.
We offer our customers a large and diverse range of stone chains: agate, amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, aventurine, azurite, rock crystal, blue agate, blue topaz, citrine, hawk's eye, fire agate, fluorite, garnet, carnelian, labradorite, lapis lazuli, mandarin garnet, malachite , Moonstone, moss agate, onyx, opal, peridot, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, emerald, tiger's eye, tourmaline, turquoise and many more.
Of course, we can also get you other jewelry stone chains at short notice without obligation. Many stone chains are greatly reduced with us.
An individual clasp can be chosen for each stone chain, made of gold or silver.


A highlight in our range are interchangeable clasps, which you can get from us with a wide variety of colored gemstones and diamonds.
Whether silver or gold, with diamonds or a brushed surface - a clasp can make your new chain truly unique and proudly present it as a central focal point.
Closures can make a necklace very special. For some years now, they have been turning into real pieces of jewelry - little works of art that can enhance the simplest chain. Gone are the days when you preferred to hide a clasp in the neck.
Due to the high demand, new shapes are constantly being developed. So you are no longer spoiled for choice when it comes to the countless gemstone and cultured pearl necklaces, the clasp is also playing an increasingly important role.

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